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My next competition, after a whole quarter with none (thankfully, given how crazily busy I've been), is the regional championships next Saturday, June 9, in the San Jose Civic Auditorium. (This will qualify us for Nationals in August.) The first round of my event is scheduled for 9:35pm, give or take half an hour or so, and with subsequent rounds after that -- I'm guessing there will be at least three (a quarterfinal, semifinal, and final, and possibly an octo-final too).

In addition, the kids I've helped coach in East Palo Alto will be dancing in a special event (listed on the schedule as "Special Junior Rhythm & Smooth Presentations") -- they'll dance American-style waltz, foxtrot, cha cha, and swing. They're scheduled for 3:42pm (again, give or take half an hour). I'm incredibly proud of them, frustrating as they can be at times. (Luckily I remember all too well how cheeky I was around their age and can relate and deal.) Anyway, I'd love for them to get all the support and encouragement they can get, so if you're at all interested in coming, please do!

Spectator tickets are $25 for "adults," $20 for college students, and $12 for anyone under 18 years old.

Also, on Sunday, June 17, a week after the competition, SBDT is hosting a charity ball (with lesson, desserts, and showcase) for the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation at Metronome Ballroom in SF. It's appropriate for all skill levels (intro tango class at the beginning) and all proceeds go to a good cause. This one is $25 adults/$15 students, +$5 for the lesson. I'll be out of town, unfortunately, but lots of other ballroom dancers should be there. Details behind the cut ... )
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I'm helping a friend, Julia Minson, teach a ballroom dance program in an East Palo Alto elementary school this year, similar (though smaller in scope) to the program featured in the movie Mad Hot Ballroom. I'm also putting together a snazzy website with information on the program for others who want to do similar things. Trouble is, neither Julia nor I can come up with a catchy name for the program. Here are the ones I've thought of, though I'm not really happy with any of them. Can you help me?
  • DanceSportKids (sporty but playful)
  • Dancers without Borders (a play on Doctors without Borders)
  • DanceSport without Borders
  • (something related to the Dance for Health program Charlotte Jorgensen is involved with)
  • Mad Hot DanceSport (taking advantage of the recognition of Mad Hot Ballroom)
  • ... others? Add in comments!


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